Kanpeki is Japanese for “faultless, flawless, perfection” and this is what drives us to create scissors by using the best quality materials with innovative and creative designs.

Our hand crafted scissors are manufactured from a range of the highest quality Japanese stainless steels using advanced heat treatment technology. This results in a consistent blade hardness to give you a scissor that is exceptionally sharp and durable. Our broad based precision tensioning systems ensure that the scissor blades meet with maximum accuracy over their entire length.

Our scissor blades have convex in shape keeping the actual blade contact to a minimum. The scissor handles are often specially curved and offset to give you maximum comfort, movement, control and point accuracy. High speed repetitive cutting techniques can be hard on hands, our designs are sympathetic to this giving you a scissor that both looks good and feels good.

Our scissors come with a stylish robust case, soft cleaning cloth and Kanpeki lubricant which will lubricate, clean and protect your scissor. Over time your scissors will wear so why not have them tuned up by one of our experts who are trained to sharpen, re set and replace worn parts. Our engineers are trained to sharpen all makes.

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