If you demand the highest quality in shears, Sakura Japan are here to satisfy and exceed those demands.

All shears are forged from the highest quality of premium choice stainless steel and cobalt materials available. In addition, each shear comes with their special trade secret; the Sakura Convex Edge that is simply beyond compare. Discover for yourself why those who demand the best choose the best, Sakura Japan. Why? Because we believe you deserve it.

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The Yoi Chopper was produced to meet the demands of busy hairdressing stylists looking for a high quality scissor.

Perfect for hairdressers who need a reliable tool that will give years of reliable service at an affordable price.

Available in various sizes including 5.5, 6″, 6.5″ and 7 inch. The Yoi Chopper is made from Japanese Cobalt Alloy with tarnish resistant finish.